The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Side-by-Side for Your Adventures

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Side-by-Side for Your Adventures

When it comes to off-roading, hunting, farming, or just enjoying a scenic trail ride, a side-by-side can be your best companion. With a variety of options available on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate through the best side-by-side's available and what makes them stand out.

What to Consider When Buying a Side-by-Side

Before diving into specific models, it’s essential to consider what you need from your UTV. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

1. Purpose: Are you using it for recreational off-roading, work-related tasks, or a mix of both?
2. Capacity: How many passengers do you need to accommodate? Most side-by-sides come in two, four, or six-seater configurations.
3. Terrain: Will you be driving on rough trails, muddy paths, sand dunes, or flat fields?
4. Power and Performance: Depending on your needs, the engine size and horsepower will vary.
5. Features: Look for additional features like cargo space, towing capacity, suspension, and comfort.

Top Picks for the Best Side-by-Side

Based on the above criteria, here are some of the best side-by-side on the market in 2024:

1. Polaris RZR Pro XP

Why it stands out:
- Performance: The Polaris RZR Pro XP is renowned for its high performance and agility. It comes with a turbocharged 181 HP engine, offering unmatched power.
- Suspension: Equipped with a dynamic suspension system that adjusts in real-time, providing a smooth ride even on the roughest terrains.
- Comfort: Spacious cabin with ergonomic seating and a range of comfort features like adjustable seats and a superior HVAC system.

Best for: Adventure enthusiasts looking for speed and agility on challenging terrains.

2. Can-Am Maverick X3

Why it stands out:
- Power: The Can-Am Maverick X3 features a powerful turbocharged engine, delivering up to 200 HP.
- Handling: Known for its precise handling and stability, thanks to its advanced suspension system and low center of gravity.
- Durability: Built with high-strength materials to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Best for: Riders who want top-notch performance and durability for extreme off-roading.

3. Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000

Why it stands out:
- Versatility: This UTV excels in both recreational and utility roles, making it highly versatile.
- Comfort: Offers a comfortable ride with plush seating and excellent cabin ergonomics.
- Technology: Comes with advanced features like the D-Mode system, which allows you to select different drive modes to suit your terrain and driving style.

Best for: Those who need a balance between work and play, offering both utility and recreation.

4. Honda Pioneer 1000-5

Why it stands out:
- Reliability: Honda’s reputation for reliability shines through with this model. It’s built to last with a robust design.
- Flexibility: Features convertible seating that allows you to switch between two, three, four, or five seats, offering great flexibility.
- Utility: High towing and payload capacity, making it ideal for farm and work-related tasks.

Best for: Users who prioritize reliability and need a flexible, work-capable UTV.

5. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000

Why it stands out:
- Durability: Built with a rugged frame and robust components designed to handle tough terrains.
- Comfort: Features a roomy cabin with adjustable seats and a well-thought-out control layout.
- Performance: Offers impressive off-road capabilities with a powerful engine and excellent suspension.

Best for: Riders seeking a durable and comfortable UTV for various off-road adventures.


Choosing the best side-by-side UTV depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for high performance, versatility, reliability, or a mix of these, there’s a UTV out there that fits your requirements. The Polaris RZR Pro XP, Can-Am Maverick X3, Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000, Honda Pioneer 1000-5, and Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 are all excellent choices, each excelling in different areas.

Consider your primary use, desired features, and budget, and you’ll find the perfect UTV to elevate your off-road experiences. Happy riding!
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