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RIPP Spark Plug Wires have a spiral wound steel core, delivering maximum ohm resistance setting them apart from cheaper OEM or replacement options that use low quality graphite that are loaded with resistance. RIPP wires also feature a multi-level insulated casing and a 7.8mm protective silicone housing, for maximum heat protection and ensuring compatibility with stock wire holders. Whether it's tune-up time or you're considering upgrades like a supercharger or Headers, seize the moment to elevate your JK's performance with these high-performance spark plug wires. 

Key Features:
  • Fits 2007 to 2011 JK Wrangler all models 
  • 2 and 4-door models
  • Auto or 6spd
  • 3.8L 6 cylinder engine.
  • Black with MOPAR Orange stripe and RIPP logo.
  • Spiral wound Steel core 
  • Insulated to protect against RFI
  • 7.8mm  diameter.
  • High heat resistant silicone construction.
  • High heat resistant MOPAR Orange Boots.

The RIPP wires have significantly less resistance then OEM and other brands. Meaning the wires carry more voltage to the spark plug, increasing spark power and resulting in stronger and complete combustion.

OEM 33" wire test 6.0Ω
RIPP 33" wire test 5.2Ω

-The internal high density shielding will avoid interference with on-board electronics and insulate spark energy.
-Outer shielding jacket is a high heat resistant silicone,
-RIPP wires are 7.8mm and fit the OEM wire holders and guides. Our wires are the biggest you can fit in the OEM guide without the need for zip-ties or custom brackets like the competitor.
-RIPP ignition wires use high quality, high density silicone boot. OEM Mopar wires use graphite fibers as a conductor (loaded with resistance) resulting in major energy loss. RIPP wires use a spiral wound, heavy duty, solid steel conductor. (see pictures for example of OEM vs. RIPP) The wires have minimal resistance and deliver maximum amount of power from your coil pack to spark plugs.

Pro Tip: 

-When installing new spark plug wires always apply Dielectric grease to coil pack terminal and spark plug terminal. This will make future service much easier and protect terminals from moisture and humidity and water damage. 

-Route spark plug wires away from hot manifolds and moving parts.

-Utilize the factory wire holder for wire routing control.

-Using a RIPP High Performance Coil Pack and Spark Plug Wires will increase cylinder Flame Speed. What is flame speed? An Internal combustion engine's "flame speed" refers to the rate at which the air-fuel mixture burns during the combustion process. This speed significantly impacts engine performance and efficiency. The faster flame speed will increase cylinder pressure. When a spark is stronger, it ignites the air-fuel mixture more rapidly, leading to faster combustion, and an increase in pressure. Higher cylinder pressure = more torque to push down on the piston. 

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