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Obor Tires

OBOR Tires Predator UTV Tire

OBOR Tires Predator UTV Tire

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The OBOR Tires Predator UTV Tire is a high-performance tire built for ultimate durability and traction. With its 8-ply construction, this tire is designed to handle any rugged terrain and provide long-lasting performance.

Featuring a raised center tread block design, the Predator tire offers increased traction and control, allowing you to navigate through challenging off-road conditions with ease. The stepped tread block design further enhances the tire's rigidity and reduces tread block deflection, ensuring optimal performance in all types of terrain.

To enhance ride quality and improve traction, this tire is equipped with tread block sipping, which increases grip and comfort. The multi-pitch design of the Predator tire not only reduces tire noise but also extends the tread life, ensuring that you can enjoy its superior performance for a longer period of time.

One of the standout features of the Predator UTV Tire is its dual sidewall design, giving you the option to choose between two different sidewall styles. This allows you to customize the look of your vehicle and add a touch of personality to your UTV.

Safety is a top priority with the Predator UTV Tire, as it is compliant with DOT test standard (FMVSS 571.119) at maximum operating pressure, ensuring that you can ride with confidence on the road as well as off-road.

Available in a range of sizes, from 27X9.00R14 to 34X10.00R15, the Predator UTV Tire offers versatility to fit various UTV models. With a tread depth of 19/32 to 16/32 inches, this tire provides excellent traction and control in all types of conditions.

Whether you're tackling rough trails or conquering muddy terrains, the OBOR Tires Predator UTV Tire is the ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts looking for exceptional performance, durability, and style. Upgrade your UTV with this top-of-the-line tire and experience the ultimate off-road adventure.

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